Cuban Polaroid: A box camera that is one part camera and one part darkroom all in one.

Cuban Polaroid was developed out of frustration with digital technology. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Luddite, far from it. I’m designing this site on my iPad while watching streaming History Channel on my Apple TV.

Allow me to explain.  I spend a lot of time researching ancestry using digital means. Websites and scanning technology have allowed me to have thousands of documents from around the world available instantly. However, my searches would return zero results of not for the longevity of pen and paper. It’s the analog nature of human writing on paper that requires nothing but my ability to read that makes 150 year old documents useful to me. They require no software, no code, no dvd drives, and no usb ports. How many of us can still access our floppy disks? How about your Zip disks? Do you even remember Zip disks?

I decided to make this site to show my appreciation for the analog photographic processes. Some are still used, some have been rediscovered, some aren’t truly lost, just pushed aside like an old Polaroid. Do you know what a Daguerreotype is? Have you ever seen a cartes de visite? Stop by now and again and you will!

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