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Exploring LAC+USC Medical Center

For years I’ve seen the LAC+USC Medical Center in the distance when going into Los Angeles. It’s this huge almost gothic looking fortress in the distance. I think of The House on Haunted Hill when I look at it.

The hospital opened in 1923. Marilyn Monroe was born there and it served as the exterior hospital shots for the soap opera, General Hospital.  Continue Reading

Film, Oklahoma, Rolleiflex

Fall Color

I took another trip to Oklahoma in the Fall. To de different, I decided to shoot color film this time. It was the first time I’d used color film in my Rolleiflex! Ordinarily color goes in the Leica while the Rollei is reserved for black and white. I left the Leica at home this trip and took only the Rollei along with a Polaroid for something new.

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Film, Oklahoma, Rolleiflex

The Midwest

For years now, I’ve been traveling back to Oklahoma to visit family there. On my first trip, I had no idea what to expect and wasn’t really sure a Southern California boy was going to enjoy it much. What did they have to offer, cows?

I was so wrong. Since then I’ve come to love my visits there and take the opportunity to explore more of the area on each trip.

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