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Shooting Cinestill Film

I’ve been playing with Cinestill 800T film on and off for a while now. It’s a newer film made from Kodak Vision3 motion picture film, but altered for use in still photography. The non technical difference is the remjet layer is removed so it can be processed in normal c-41 color negative chemistry. Anywho… What I love about it is it’s a gritty 800 iso color film that is tungsten balanced for use with indoor lighting!

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Ektachrome, Film, Leica

My First Images from the relaunched Ektachrome

After over a year of teasing us, Kodak Alaris finally dialed in it’s revival of Ektachrome. I couldn’t wait to shoot some!

It has been years since I’ve shot any sort of transparency film. I’m glad to see with this first roll I still remember how to meter properly. No bracketing, yay! Looks like tones are more accurate, compared to Velvia which was my biggest hope. I love Velvia, but it can go over the top in saturation quickly. I don’t think Ektachrome is going to replace Portra 160 as my go to every day film but it will be a great addition to my bag.  Continue Reading

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Chasing An Eclipse

On August 21st, 2017, North America went crazy trying to watch a total solar eclipse. I admit I got caught up in it too.

My fellow photographer friend, John, and I got this brilliant idea we’d head up to Wyoming to try and watch it ourselves. John wanted to take photos, but I was more interested in seeing it happen. Naturally we decided this only a few months before the eclipse so finding lodging was a nightmare! Eventually we found a place near the Montana border and set about making our plans. Continue Reading