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Fall Color

I took another trip to Oklahoma in the Fall. To de different, I decided to shoot color film this time. It was the first time I’d used color film in my Rolleiflex! Ordinarily color goes in the Leica while the Rollei is reserved for black and white. I left the Leica at home this trip and took only the Rollei along with a Polaroid for something new.

I’ve posted the Polaroid images previously, here.

It was a shorter trip with more stormy weather than normal so I only put one roll of film through the Rollei. Still I’m happy with what I achieved. The old play sets were wonderful to explore, the whole area being sort of forgotten once again. As I discussed in my last blog post though, this is another instance of a scene that no longer exists. My cousin told me they just recently removed all of the old playground equiptment and replaced them with modern “safe” alternatives. Bah… What’s a little tetanus between friends?

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