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Pinhole Photography with the Reality So Subtle 6×6

I’ve always been fascinated by pinhole cameras. They’re photography at it’s most simple form. No lens, no focus. Just your lens and a guestimate on exposure. You do have an f-stop, but just one. There is no debate about which stop to use or how much depth of field you want. Because pinholes are quite literally a tiny hole, your depth of field is nearly infinite. All you really have to worry about for exposure, is what film will you use and how long to uncover the pinhole. There’s a certain moody feeling to them that is unlike everything else.

I’m most definitely a newbie to pinhole and my photos show it! I keep getting my fingers in the image and rarely guess the proper exposure. My last roll was made up of some nice images with the tripod legs at the bottom. One thing I’ve realized is that I really need a neutral density filter of some sort. My exposures are long but not long enough. I’m getting 1-4 second exposures which aren’t really long enough to remove fingers or show motion. If I could get to the 20 plus second range that would make things a lot easier for landscape images. I’d be able to show water and tree movement and get my fingers away before they’re recorded in the image. I got the RSS 6×6 with the twin pinholes but no filter ring so I think maybe I’ll have to cut a ND gel and tape it over the holes.

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