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Impossible Project round frame is awesome!

I had been meaning to try the Impossible Project b/w round frame film for a while. What perfect timing it was that as I prepared for another trip to Oklahoma, a Polaroid SLR 680 showed up at the camera store! I only had one pack of round frame so I wanted to use it for something special instead of just random photos. Lucky for me, my cousin took me to the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City.

The location is one part Osteology Museum, and one part Skulls Unlimited bones store. I spent most of my frames taking flash photos in the museum of the large specimens. I really wanted to photograph the human skulls but they were all behind glass. After finishing in the museum, I went into the little shop to look around at their trinkets. They had some really cool skulls for sale, but again they were all behind glass. As I was about to leave, I pulled out the photos I’d taken and showed them to the guy behind the register. He liked them and asked his brother to come out and see them as well. I mentioned to them that I’d love to photograph a human skull someday, and they proceeded to unlock the case and pull a specimen out right then! They took me to their side room where they prepare and store bones so I could photograph it. I was taught how to properly hold a skull so it isn’t damaged and how to remove and replace the jaw. As if it couldn’t get any cooler, they then rummaged around and found me some nice black fabric to place the skull on and use as a background! I took my remaining two images of the skull as if it was a formal portrait.

Before leaving, one of the people in the back used my phone to take a quick shot of me holding the skull because how often do you get to do that! It was both creepy and awesome at the same time and a definite highlight of the trip! Next visit I’m coming prepared with more film so I can take some more images if they’ll let me!

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