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Down the Leica rabbit hole again.

Ever since I heard the name, I’d always coveted a Leica. After a few years, I finally got one. A lovely M6 with a 35 Summicron asph. I shot and shot and shot and swore I’d be buried with it someday. Then digital happened. I still carried the M6 around, but I was using it less and less. I usually opted for immediate satisfaction instead of waiting weeks to finish a roll and then get it processed and scanned. I had a few other film cameras as well, so my few occasions of shooting film got spread out among all of them and the poor Leica got used even less.

Finally, I decided to sell her. I convinced myself that she was far more valuable as money in my account, than sitting on a shelf getting used a couple times a year.


I managed a few years with out one, but every time I saw one, or watched a documentary and the photographer was using one, I got a little sadder. I started shooting more and more film, and in the past year have shot almost exclusively film.

Last month a dirty, broken M2 came in the camera store I work at. We bought it and sent it out for repair. Last week she came back looking gorgeous and functioning perfectly.

She is mine.

I loaded a roll of Delta 400 and all was right in my little world. I shot the first roll in a couple days and sent it off for processing and scanning. Photos to follow later this week!

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