4x5, Fujifilm FP100C45, Large Format, Speed Graphic

Grandpa’s Workshop in Instant Film

My Grandpa passed away two weeks ago. I used to love photographing him along with his workshop. Now that he’s gone, we’ve begun the process of going through his home. I decided before we started, that I wanted to photograph his workshop one last time as it was the last time he used it. It took me a while to set up and figure out what I wanted to do exactly. I’ve photographed his shop so many times I knew there were a couple images I wanted. Unfortunately, I had to alter my ideas a little bit because I don’t have a wide angle lens for my Speed Graphic. I ended up taking four shots, each one done on Fuji FP100C45, Provia, and Acros. It took a lot longer than I anticipated to be honest! The FP100’s were underexposed a bit, but that film is like gold now that it’s discontinued, so I didn’t want to waste all of my stock trying to get these perfect when I knew I was shooting film as well. Hopefully those will turn out better.

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