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Large Format Photography Musings

As I’ve been designing this site, I’ve been researching many different types of analog photography.

I started learning about photography almost a decade before the first consumer digital cameras became available. I worked my way up from 35mm to medium format, and eventually on to large format cameras. Using a view camera was always one of my favorite things, but other than a Speed Graphic I had for a few months, I’d never really owned and used one consistently. When I was working on my final project for my last photography class in college, I chose to use a 4×5 view camera much to the surprise of my professor as it was a photojournalism class. That was probably the last time I shot sheet film, but I’ve always had good memories of it.
Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of different cameras and formats online, thinking someday I’d really like to get another proper large format camera. There’s a look about their images that you can’t duplicate on any other medium. Nothing looks the same as a portrait on 4×5!

Imagine my surprise when someone walked into the camera store I work at with an Omega-View GII with a Rodenstock 210mm last week! I’m used to seeing Canon Rebel’s on a regular basis show up, not this.

Not surprisingly, she came home with me!

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